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I am so glad you are here! It is an honor to be here walking out this journey of fruitful & abundant living with so many other women. I love that we are creating a culture of joy & wellness in our homes together.


It's been a tremendous blessing in our lives to have a community that is by my side and not only cheering me on but that has also walked in the trenches of life with me. I would absolutely love for you to come walk with me. I will dig deep in the trenches with you. It's what we're called to and it's beautiful.

i don't want to sell them. I'll just try them out...

I am not a sales-person. I actually struggled (still do) in my entrepreneurship journey because I just wouldn't ask for a sale. I love creating but selling. NO THANK YOU! 

I was at a point of desperation during my husband's first battle with leukemia. I was at my witts end and honestly looking back I don't think I had a grip on my mental health enough to even recognize where I was at. It was rough. I couldn't get my daughter to sleep in her crib. I was at an extremely low place. After trying everything in every Pinterest article I could possibly read and every drugstore "essential oil" I could find. I reached out to a friend that had success with Young Living oils with her daughter. I figured I would give it a try at the very least. She patiently answered all my questions for weeks and then finally I took the plunge. Still skeptical. BUT again... I was desperate. 

The very first night I used the Young Living lavender oil in her diffuser she slept through the entire night! I was amazed! I promptly ordered the Premium Starter Kit (because I am a penny pincher and this is absolutely the best bang for your buck + the diffuser comes with it... win. win. win.)

Fast forward to 2019. 

My husband was diagnosed with a relapse of leukemia and had a stem cell transplant. Much more "in-touch with" and aware of my emotions I knew something was off. I have never struggled with anxiety in my life and to be honest, I didn't understand it at all. 

Boy was I in for a roller coaster ride. 

After my husband's successful stem cell transplant and getting to be back in our home with our kids I realized something was off. It took me weeks of prayer and asking the Lord how on earth I was going to make it through this (because at this point I should've been okay, right? My husband was healed, I was back home with my kids, in our space, with our things, sleeping in my own bed, etc.). But I was not okay. After a few months of completely shutting down, and shutting myself out of everything (including social media) I finally told my husband that I think I need medication or a counselor or something because I couldn't climb out of this myself. 

I had seen 4 different doctors at this point that didn't think I actually needed medication (even after I explained that we had been quarantined longer than the rest of the world and that I was having some anxiety issues I had never known before and still didn't understand). 

They thought it was an iron issue, told me I was pre-diabetic, etc. They really didn't and still don't know. 

I had used oils on my kids for FOUR years at this point. But I had struggled to use them for myself. I even had a friend give me some hormone oils when he went into the hospital and I just didn't use them.

But after no definitive answers from doctors and being (again) at my witts-end, I was watching an insta-story from my team leader and she challenged everyone to use their oils consistently. After praying through it I asked my husband if I could get on Essential Rewards and order the same hormone oils. I started using the ones my friend gave me consistently and I truly cannot tell you what a difference it has made.

I jumped in and started using them on my kids too (because trauma is real and hard and messy for littles too). It has been a beautiful transition. I am getting teary-eyed as I write this because I know that there are other mommas out there struggling and if they only knew what I now know about the support that these Young Living oils have given me and could give them we could change the world.

I am so thankful that God opened the door for me to join the Young Living Community. It has been a breath of fresh air and a simple, healthy way for me to get what I needed for my body.  

So, to end this long letter to you with where it began. I don't want to sell you anything. I want to help you find the support and encouragement I found from the oils to the community of other women cheering each other on and making decisions that transform our homes for our families.